Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

From: My friend
To: Me
Subject: Just try


You need to get a Kindle or a Nook or something. Prices are, like, $1.99! It's outrageous!

Me: I have an e-reader app on my tablet, and I have books on it, but it doesn't feel like reading. Like it's not real. So I keep buying cheap *real* books. Does that make sense?


My friend: Yeah. Still. You're missing out!!!!!!!


Me: But trading books is cheaper. Or I get one for like a buck or two at a thrift shop. It's okay, really! :)


My friend: But I get to read so much that I'd never find in a store, especially a thrift store. Mostly because it's BRAND new. Also, I love the idea of anything at my fingertips. I downloaded a lot this summer.


Me: I feel so disconnected to it. It's all so stark and obvious. When it's *within* a book it's different.



You know when a book is different? You know when it's not obvious how everything will work out, and you're dying to find out? You know when you actually connect to it, like, from the very first page?


When it's written by Rainbow Rowell.


I was ready for a really good read. I picked up a book on my to-read shelf and threw it in the to-trade pile after one chapter. Then I tried another. And another. The trade pile grew to half a dozen. I tried to remember the last books I loved: Eleanor and Park and Fangirl.


Great. If I wanted to read another book by that author, I'd have to make a trip to the bookstore in the morning. And it wouldn't be a thrift shop. Finding the books I want is hit or miss there. Great. I'd have to pay full price. I could buy it a bit cheaper maybe online, but shipping would take a couple days. I want it now! I thought, in my best Veruca Salt voice.


And there it was. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. $1.99. An e-book.


I spent the next few hours reading nonstop. I couldn't stop. I remembered that you--I--can connect with others just through reading their words, that you can connect with words whether on paper or screen.


Lincoln connects with Beth through words. Attachments is their love story.


Beth and Jennifer connect through the words of their emails. Attachments is also the story of their friendship.



Thanks, Rainbow. Thanks, e-reader. Thanks, my friend, for telling me to "just try."